Here is an almost complete listing of all of the characters played in Mirrored Mobius.

  • Active Characters: These Characters are currently played by our members.
  • Inactive Characters: These Characters used to have players but are not currently being played.
  • Deceased Characters: These Characters are considered " dead " in the current Mirrored Mobius Timeline.
  • Non Playable Character: These are common or important characters who may not have members as their players.

Active CharactersEdit

  1. Silver the Hedgehog - Preserver of the Future.
  2. Honore "Patch" D'Coolette - Traitor from Moebius
  3. Knuckles the Echidna - Guardian of the Master Emerald.
  4. Amy Rose - Sonic's Biggest Fan.
  5. King Elias - King of the ruined Kingdom of Acorn.
  6. Sally Acorn - Leader of the Mobotropolis Freedom Fighters.
  7. Ash Mongoose - Manager for the " Forget Me Knots ".
  8. Rouge the Bat - A sly Double Agent.
  9. Shadow the Hedgehog - The Ultimate Lifeform.
  10. Bunnie Rabbot - Cyborg with some Southern Charm.
  11. Blaze the Cat - Princess from a ruined World.
  12. Miles " Tails " Prower - Child Mechanical Genius.
  13. Rotor - Honored Retired member of the Mobotropolis Freedom Fighters.
  14. Antoine D'coolette - The (formerly) cowardly swordsman of the Freedom Fighters.
  15. Mighty the Armadillo - Strongman for the Chaotix.
  16. Charmy Bee - A cute (and annoying) mascot for the Chaotix.
  17. Emerl - Janitor Robot for GUN.
  18. St. John - Captain of the Royal Guard for the Kingdom of Acorn.
  19. Manic the Hedgehog - A lax drummer (and Prince) from another Zone.
  20. Dr. Eggman - Ruler of the tyrannical Eggman Empire.
  21. Metal Sonic - Eggman's primary scouting robot.
  22. Metal Knuckles - Eggman's secondary scouting robot.
  23. Imperator Ix - Ruler of the Tribe of Nocturne.
  24. Procurator Shade - Ix's most trusted solider.
  25. Wave the Swallow - Treasure Hunting Techno Geek.
  26. Espio the Chameleon - A skilled and disciplined ninja.
  27. Enerjak - An ancient evil feared by all echidna.
  28. Lien-da - Current Kommisar of The Dark Legion.
  29. Dr. Finitevus - A medical doctor gone rogue (thanks Knuckles).
  30. Mephiles - One Half of Solaris.
  31. Bean the Dynamite - Mouth of the Dynamic Duo.
  32. Bark the Polar Bear - Arm of the Dynamic Duo.
  33. The Dark Star - ...
  34. Jet the Hawk - The arrogant leader of a band of rogues.
  35. Jules the Hedgehog - Sonic's father. A Great War Hero.
  36. Rosey the Rascal - Likes to smash Hedgehogs.
  37. SSSSSS - The Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad.
  38. Nack the Weasel - Bounty Hunter.
  39. Asura-Ista - Echidna god of Despair.

InActive CharactersEdit

  1. Fiona Fox - A good girl gone bad ... or is she?
  2. Vector the Crocodile - Second in Command of the Chaotix.
  3. Storm the Albatross - Not too bright but he's very strong.
  4. Chaos - The original Guardian of the Master Emerald.
  5. Buns Rabbot - Dr. Kintobor's trusted bodyguard.
  6. Marine the Racoon - The self proclaimed Captain of the SS Marine.
  7. Julie-Su - Knuckles' partner and most trusted friend.
  8. Sonia the Hedgehog - Spoiled Princess from another Zone.
  9. Hershey St. John - Member of the Royal Guard.
  10. Snively - Second in Command of the Eggman Empire.
  11. Nic the Weasel - Mercenary with a Heart of Gold.
  12. Ken " Monkey " Khan - The Golden Lotus King of the Dragon Kingdom.
  13. Rob o the Hedge - Troubled King of the fallen Kingdom of Mercia.

Deceased CharactersEdit

  1. Scourge the Hedgehog - Former King of Moebius. Fate unknown but suspected.
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog - Self declared " Hero of Mobius
  3. Miles Prower - Ruler of the Kingdom of Acorn (Moebius).
  • It is Mirrored Mobius' policy to ensure that a character is never killed off for good. Given the chaotic beginnings of Mirrored Mobius there are hundreds of characters that are considered Missing and / or dead. For the sake of not skirting around the rule any character that is " dead " will be referred to as " missing " or having suffered an unknown fate until proven otherwise. This will give any and all characters listed here enough leeway to be played by our members when acceptable.

Non Playable CharactersEdit

  1. Commander Tower - Head of the Guardian Units of Nation (GUN).
  2. Hope Kintobor - Head of GUN Central Command
  3. NICOLE - Administer of the city of Moebotropolis
  4. FIEST - God of the Special Zone
  5. M - Dr. Eggman's mechanical assistant